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Number Actual Patent Description Date Issued
  Here you can see some patents dates affiliated with Haish's engine tags. Listed below are some actual patents that correspond with these dates.  


Lloyd Thompson of DeKalb, Illinois patented
this explosive engine on December 17, 1907.
Patent #873,808.  This upright round sided water box engine on the patent here in the box to your left is exactly like Haish's "Cock o the Walk" pictured below on the left, which was copied from his 1908 brochure.  Additionally, appears exactly as this actual "Cock O' The Walk" engine pictured below on the right. 

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December 17, 1907
2 Unknown to date   February 25, 1908
3 Unknown to date   February 13, 1909
4 Unknown to date   February 23, 1909
5 Unknown to date   February 25, 1909
6 Unknown to date   December 13, 1909


This special “Detent” level was patented by
George Herbert Briggs of DeKalb and
assigned to Jacob Haish.
Patent #1,000,355 on August 8, 1911
August 8, 1911
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