Jacob Haish Mfg. Co

Many people have helped make this website come to fruition back in 2007.  Although they may not have helped directly with entering the information you see, their knowledge was important.  My grandmother, Mary Marshall, who passed away in 2011 should be thanked for all her efforts in saving some of the family history and remembering stories about the Haish family.  Although she was only related to Haish's by marriage she has been a valuable resource through the years.    I would like to say THANK YOU to Kathy Vance Siebrasse for many hours of set up time working the bugs out of getting this website up and running.  She has remained available when needed.   Steve Barr's website has been a great source to verify engine tags and/or serial #'s.   Some of Steve's photos are used on the engines pages.  Bob Ronning, an avid Chanticleer and Great Western engine collector,  has been helpful with the serial # registry.  Russ Roland, another avid Chanticleer collector, has been helpful when I needed to compare an engine or just general engine knowledge.  Roger Peterson, another Chanticleer collector, has also helped with general engine knowledge. 
I apologize if someone has not been mentioned. 

Contact: Jeff J. Marshall

email: marshallJJ@juno.com