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Jacob Haish's Legacy

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Haish's legacy of philanthropy still lives on in the 21st Centry at
Kishwaukee Community Hospital

in De Kalb, Illinois
Jacob Haish became wealthy due to his creative mind.  His legacy of philanthropy is still being felt. "Haish Memorial Library",
which houses the present day
DeKalb Public Library. 

WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY--Lincoln, Nebraska.  This college, located north-east of Lincoln, in University Place. is most beautifully situated.  In 1891, through the liberality of Mr. Jacob Haish, of DeKalb, Illinois, a handsome brick and stone building, four stories high and 58x126 feet, known as the
Haish Manual Training School,
was erected at a cost of $50,000.  Shortly there after, on January 29, 1894 an arsonist set fire to the relatively new building, housing the school, and it burned to the ground.
Jacob donated $10,000 in 1895 for the purchase of a library  at  the Northern Illinois State Normal School, what now is recognized as Northern Illinois University (N.I.U.).  On dedication day of the school in September, 1899, Jacob provided expensive canes to key people who had funded the school.  These canes had a miniature picture of the new school framed in gold with the name of owner inserted.
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Haish's part in NIU History

Haish Manual Training School was built 1888 in Denver, Colorado thanks to Jacob's generosity.  It was located in Denver at the corner of 14th Street and Arapahoe.  It was later demolished.

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