Jacob Haish Mfg. Co

Jacob Haish Mfg. Co. marketed
many different items throughout his career
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Barbed Wire
Woven Fence
Wood Saw Outfits
"Rustler" Disc Harrow
"Hustler" Level Harrow
"Mandt" Bob Sleds
Gasoline Engines
"Daisy" & "Improved Daisy" Barrel Carts
"Chanticleer Electric" Washing Machine
Fence Posts
Feed Grinder
"Daisy" & "Tony" Corn Sheller
"Great Western" Gasoline Engines
"Great Western" Manure Spreader
"Great Western" Cream Separator
"Hutchinson" Cider and/or Wine Press
Fence Stretchers
"Emigrant" Plow
"Chanticleer" Pump Jack
Scaffolding/Roof Ladders
Promotional Walking Stick Canes
"King" Walking/Riding Cultivator
Sash Weight
Wheeled Ice Dolly/Cart
"Boss" Boot Scraper
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