Jacob Haish Mfg. Co
Engine Lines
Including "Cock O' The Walk" & "Chanticleer" & "Great Western"
About 1905 - April 1917

Jacob Haish began manufacturing and selling engines in about 1905. Haish's early 4 cycle engine line was referred to as "Cock O' The Walk". Sometime around February 23, 1909, Haish developed and manufactured a line of hit & miss engines he called the"Chanticleer". The "Chanticleer" line with its trademark rooster was Haish's most famous and recognizable. Haish would manufacture engines not only for sale by his own dealer network, but also developed engines for the Appleton Mfg. Co., of Batavia, Illinois, Sandwich Mfg. Co. of Sandwich, Illinois & Rock Island Plow Co. out of Rock Island, Illinois. Haish's engine he built for these other companies were almost entirely the same as his own, with modifications to the said horsepower rating, engine tags or paint schemes, etc. Additionally, Haish manufactured an engine line for the Smith Mfg. Co. out of Chicago under the trade name "Great Western" from about 1905 until 1911. Rock Island Plow Co. purchased the "Great Western" line, which included the engine division, on October 1, 1911 from the Smith Mfg. Co. Haish would then build the "Great Western" line exclusively for Rock Island Plow Co. until about 1916. However, Rock Island Plow discontinued the "Great Western" engine division in about 1912 in favor of Haish's "Chanticleer" line. Rock Island would continue to market the "Great Western" trade name with its famous manure spreader and cream separator divisions for many more years. Sandwich Mfg. Co. stopped marketing "Chanticleer" engines in about 1912 as they had began to develop their own engine with a distinctive "tulip" style water hopper. Jacob Haish sold his entire "Chanticleer” engine division in April 1917 to the Appleton Mfg. Co. of Batavia, Illinois.
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Photo taken in 1910 of a brand new
Chanticleer" in front of factory.

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