Appleton Manufacturing Company
Batavia, Kane Co., IL

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  The Appleton Manufacturing Company of Batavia began selling "Chanticleer" engines
probably sometime after 1911, because the 1911 Appleton catalog makes
no mention of offering engines.  However, the 1913 catalog has "Chanticleer"
engines listed with an Appleton logo.  Appleton was purporting in its
1914 engine line catalog of having the ability to manufacture all
 components of its Appleton engines in its modern facilities in Batavia
.  Based on
the preceding information, it seems possible, Haish could have made
 the early "Chanticleer" style engines sold by Appleton from about 1911-1913. 
However, according to their brochure by 1914 they were casting and assembling
the Appleton line of engines in their own foundry.  The 1917 catalog for the Appleton line
of equipment continued to offer "Chanticleer" style engines. 
According to legal documents, Jacob Haish sold his gasoline engine division to the
Appleton Manufacturing Company in April 1917.

It is not known to date if Haish had a franchise deal worked out with
Appleton prior to 1917 to make the Appleton engine line.
More information is needed to understand why Appleton implied
(all components were made in their own modern facility in Batavia) in their 1914 catalog. 
It is important to note that on the chanticleer engine serial number registry,
Serial # Registry
some known Appleton engines can't definitively be identified as made in Haish's
or Appleton's factory.  However, one can not
mistake the distinctive similarities between Appleton and Haish engines.  Additional information
about the Appleton company can be found at the Batavia historical website -

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Batavia Hist. Society

One suggested paint restoration color based on comparing
an original engine crank case guard is as follows:

Martin Senour Acrylic Enamel 99F-5152 -Carmine Red (Napa Stores)
I currently own an original Appleton that was painted green.
Please see green painted Appleton #9140

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Click to hear an actual Appleton running
Appleton Engine Running

1914 Appleton Engine Brochure

Photo: JJ Marshall 2011
This is an original 1.5 horse engine that was painted green

Photo submitted with permission: Alan Fannin 2007
This engine appears to have the original red paint
and Appleton spelled out on the side of the water box.

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