Jacob Haish Mfg. Co
Chanticleer Style Engines
Paint Codes

Below are some suggested  paint choices
from other people's listings. 
These are only a suggestion.  As you will see
there is no one definitive source for correct color.
I have not tried them all myself.

Company Paint Codes
Haish DuPont- Green-GS904
Sandwich DuPont - Green- 28968,65541,67783
Sandwich (recommended on Sandwich
Gas engine clubs website.)
Paint Code:  Martin Senior #111 (available at Napa Stores) 
Also known as Brewster Green
Sandwich (another recommendation) DuPont Dulux- Green 93-5800
Appleton Mfg. Martin Senour Acrylic Enamel 99F-5152
Carmine Red (Napa Stores)

Some Appleton Engines were painted
green similiar to Haish's factory color
See #9140
Rock Island DuPont-Dulux- Brown- 93-24590

Decals similar to the logo at the top of this page are available upon request.
Please contact me by email below for details.

Contact: Jeff J. Marshall

email: marshallJJ@juno.com